Chef Myles Atherton specializes in new American seasonal cuisine. With a focus on clean flavors, whole animal menus, house-curing and smoking, his rustic fare is both approachable and imaginative.

Whiles his cuisine is not strictly Southern, Myles traces his roots there. Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Myles went on to play football for four years at the University of Tennessee. Two SEC Championships, one National Championship ring and a Bachelors of Arts degree later, Myles enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America where he graduated at the top of his class.

Myles went on to work at the famed Gramercy Tavern where he found mentorship under the likes of Tom Colicchio and John Shafer. They helped him teach him the value of seasonal products and simple flavor profiles. Equally important, working at a three star New York restaurant taught Myles the skill set necessary to create consistently high quality food in a fast-paced setting.

After Gramercy, Myles went on to work at Danny Meyer’s The Modern and Marco Canora’s Hearth. In 2007, when Chef John Shafer was opening Irving Mill, he called on Myles to be his Sous Chef. After John’s departure, Myles worked for a brief stint as Executive Chef before opting for a position as Chef de Cuisine at The Carlton Hotel’s Country.

Most recently, Myles Atherton has been working on private events that allow him to express the more creative aspects of his cuisine. He has catered several whole animal dinners, including a seven-course suckling pig tasting in South Carolina and a six-course wild venison dinner in Mississippi. His house-cured and smoked bacon has now been served in several Manhattan restaurants. After a recent trip to Spain, he has also been experimenting with more Spanish influences in his cooking.

Myles Atherton has also been working to get his first restaurant off the ground. He is currently menu testing for a 50-seat restaurant with a wood-burning grill in Brooklyn, New York. Myles is looking forward to showcasing his talents in a restaurant of his own.